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At Melehy & Associates LLC, we understand the significant impact that age discrimination can have on your career and livelihood. That's why we are committed to providing comprehensive legal support for individuals who may be victims of age discrimination in the workplace.

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What is Age Discrimination?

Despite laws protecting workers from age-based prejudice, it remains a pervasive issue. Whether it's being overlooked for promotions, receiving unfair treatment, or even losing employment due to age, this form of discrimination is unjust and illegal.

Age discrimination occurs when an employee or job applicant is treated unfavorably because of their age. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) specifically protects individuals who are 40 years of age or older from workplace discrimination. 

Examples of Age Discrimination

Age discrimination can take many forms. Here are some common examples:

  • Hiring Practices: An employer might favor younger candidates over equally or more qualified older applicants. This can be evident in job postings that use terms like "recent graduate" or "energetic."
  • Promotions and Assignments: Older employees might be passed over for promotions or desirable assignments in favor of younger colleagues despite having similar or superior qualifications and experience.
  • Workplace Harassment: Older employees may face derogatory comments, jokes, or other types of harassment based on their age, creating a hostile work environment.
  • Training and Development: Employers might exclude older employees from training opportunities, making it harder for them to keep up with new skills and technologies.
  • Pay and Benefits: Age discrimination can also occur when older employees are denied raises or benefits that are provided to younger workers.
  • Layoffs and Terminations: Employers may disproportionately target older employees during layoffs or force them into early retirement to save on salary costs and benefits.

What Proof Do I Need in an Age Discrimination Case?

Proving age discrimination requires a strategic approach and the collection of compelling evidence. Here are key types of proof that can support an age discrimination claim:

  • Direct Evidence: Direct evidence includes explicit statements or documents that clearly show discriminatory intent based on age. For example, an email from a supervisor stating a preference for "younger, more dynamic employees" can serve as direct evidence.
  • Circumstantial Evidence: Circumstantial evidence involves a series of events or actions that, when considered together, suggest age discrimination. This might include a pattern of older employees being consistently overlooked for promotions or facing more stringent performance evaluations compared to younger employees.
  • Comparative Evidence: This type of evidence shows that younger employees were treated more favorably than older employees in similar situations. For instance, this disparity can be significant evidence if an older employee is terminated for a minor infraction while a younger employee commits a similar infraction without facing termination.
  • Statistical Evidence: In cases involving larger groups of employees, statistical evidence can demonstrate a trend of age discrimination. For example, if a company has a high percentage of older employees being laid off compared to their younger counterparts, this data can support an age discrimination claim.
  • Documentation and Records: Maintaining detailed records of your work performance, any instances of differential treatment, and communication with supervisors can be crucial. Performance reviews, emails, memos, and other documents can provide valuable context and support for your claim.
  • Witness Testimony: Colleagues who have witnessed discriminatory actions or comments can provide testimony to support your case. Their accounts can corroborate your experiences and add credibility to your claims.

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We have a team of experienced age discrimination attorneys who are dedicated to fighting for your rights. Based in Silver Spring, Melehy & Associates LLC has years of experience representing clients across various industries and professions.

No one should suffer the indignity and financial hardship that comes with being discriminated against because of their age. Our law firm possesses the knowledge and skills needed to effectively challenge such discriminatory practices in court.

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