We Can Help With Your Family Law Matters

Family law cases are often a mix of emotion and legal confusion. You have heard from friends who have experienced divorce how the process worked, but your case may proceed very differently. In Maryland, when you consider divorce, you want to have an experienced attorney by your side, providing you with advice and counsel tailored to your specific circumstances, because the process is complex and you need to understand what the law requires.

Compassionate Representation For Family Law Issues

When it comes to family law cases, many are similar, but no two are identical. At Melehy & Associates LLC, our attorneys know this and we take the time to learn the details of your case and your family. We understand how upsetting this process can be and we work to provide you with the necessary legal information so you can make meaningful, informed decisions in your case.

We can assist with a variety of family law issues, including:

  • Divorce
  • Alimony
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Military divorce
  • LGBT divorce

Best Interest Of The Child

If you have children, you will become familiar with the concept of the "best interest of the child." This concept is used throughout the nation and is employed to make decisions regarding child when the parents cannot agree on issues like time-sharing or decision-making authority.

In Maryland, a court will use a long list of statutory factors to analyze these issues. Our attorneys can help you in this process, explain the factors and apply them to your circumstance. This can be helpful when developing a parenting plan with joint custody, working on a calendar of residential time for your child or dealing with a dispute resolution process in your plan.

Child Custody Is Complex

If you have children, an important part of your divorce settlement will be your custody arrangement. In Maryland, custody has two components, physical and legal. Physical custody involves parenting time with the child. Legal custody governs the decision-making authority for the child such as education, religious upbringing, medical decisions, and other issues of importance for the child.

There are two type of custody, joint and sole. If you have joint custody, there are three variations of joint custody:

  • Joint legal
  • Shared physical
  • Combination

Sorting out how this will work when parents are getting along could be difficult, but during a divorce, these issues can become contentious. We understand the importance of getting this right.

Child Support

We can help you understand how child support is calculated in Maryland and how your child custody and visitation arrangements can influence this calculation. We also will work through your financial statements to help you determine an equitable property settlement.


We can also advise you if you attend a mediation, to ensure that you understand your rights during this proceeding. You should also have the advice of a lawyer before any mediation.

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