Employment Law
The employment lawyers of Melehy & Associates law firm have extensive experience in cases of labor and employment law, employment discrimination law, whistleblower laws, False Claims Act (fraud on the government), and other employment-related issues.

Family Law
Melehy & Associates family law attorneys assist clients in all aspects of family law including: prenuptial agreements, reproduction rights, adoption services, divorce, alimony, child custody agreements, wills and estate planning.

Real Estate Litigation
Melehy & Associates is a law firm that handles a wide variety of complex real estate litigation and arbitration issues in federal, state, and bankruptcy courts, in administrative hearings, and in alternate dispute resolution. We handle real estate litigation involving forced sale of property (sale in lieu of partition), eminent domain, and ownership disputes (quiet title actions).

General Civil Litigation
Melehy & Associates is a law firm of trial attorneys dedicated to providing quality legal representation in the following areas of civil litigation: plaintiff's injury, civil rights, and consumer law.

Melehy & Associates law firm and its bankruptcy lawyers represent clients throughout Maryland in filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions.