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Real Estate Litigation
Real estate ownership disputes arise when: the title to the property is not clear because of faulty deeds, the failure to appropriately title the property following the death of one of the property owners, boundary disputes or even when one co-owner wants to sell the property and the other co-owner does not. The law firm of Melehy & Associates represents individuals and business in these common real estate disputes that often require real estate litigation to resolve.

Foreclosure rescue scams are an unfortunate reality in today's real estate market. The law firm ofMelehy & Associates represents homeowners who have been victimized by unscrupulous individuals and, as a result, have lost ownership of their homes.

Eminent domain or condemnation is the power of the federal or state government to take title of private property so that property can be put to public use. For example, if a highway design calls for the placement of a ramp on private property the government might use its power of eminent domain to take title of the property so it can build the highway for public use. The process by which the government takes private property is known as condemnation. In order to restrain rampant government abuse of their power of eminent domain, the law states that a private owner whose property has been condemned must receive just compensation.

During the formal condemnation process, the property owner generally receives notice of the condemnation and an opportunity to contest the amount of compensation received for the property in court. In such condemnation cases, the property owner is entitled to the full fair market value of the property taken based on its highest and best use. If only a portion of a plot is condemned, the owner is also entitled to any damage caused to the remaining portion as a result of the loss. Fair market value of property is based on its highest and best use under existing zoning rules.

Melehy & Associates principal, "Omar" Vincent  Melehy, has more than 14 years of experience in the field of eminent domain and condemnation. From our law firm office in Silver Spring, Mr. Melehy serves clients from throughout Maryland (including Montgomery, Prince George's, Howard, and Charles Counties) and Washington, D.C.

Mr. Melehy and our other real estate litigators aggressively defend the rights of our clients in federal and state courts, in administrative hearings, and in alternative dispute resolution.

To arrange for a consultation please contact our office today. All calls to our law firm are confidential. We look forward to assisting you. Call (301) 587-6364 or email us at inquiries@melehylaw.com.