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Family Law
Melehy & Associates has on board an informed, knowledgeable and experienced team of family lawyers. These attorneys are the experts in handling complex cases of family law like: reproduction rights, prenuptial agreements, divorces, alimony disputes, adoption services, assets divisions, and child custody settlements.. We are here to serve people looking for expert divorce lawyers in the Montgomery, Howard, Prince George's, and Charles Counties of Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

Divorce & Family Law Attorneys
The divorce lawyers at Melehy & Associates have an in depth knowledge of Maryland divorce law. They are well aware that a divorce case may get complicated due to a number of reasons and this is what makes every case different from the rest. Some elements which may impact a standard divorce care are:
  • Alimony & Child Maintenance
  • Division of Assets
  • Splitting of Pension Assets
  • Complicated Business Assessment
  • Division of Stocks, Bonds and Securities
  • Estimation of Property & Assets
  • Handling Debt
  • Family Home Possession
  • Child Custody Provision & Visitation Timetables
Child Custody and Visitation Issues
At Melehy & Associates, we have observed that a divorce proceeding gets complicated and difficult for both parties when it comes to deciding on child custody, care and visitation details. Parental responsibilities are also to be divided in a divorce and the couple in question has to make the following essential decisions for the same:
  • What will be the first and second residences of the child/children
  • Is rotating custody an option
  • How often would the other party get visitation rights
The estimation of child support requires certain factors to be taken into consideration under the family law:
  • How much would the living, schooling and health needs (health insurance as well) of the child cost
  • What is the child's visitation schedule
  • How much do the parents earn or are capable of earning
  • What do the prenuptial agreements say
Prenuptial Agreements
Prenuptial agreements are a part of family law which are drafted to protect the clients assets acquired before the marriage. The family law attorneys at Melehy & Associates are quite careful in drafting, filing as well as executing these agreements so that the clients' interests and assets will be secured in the eventuality of a divorce. We serve clients wishing to enforce the agreement and also those who want agreement annulled.

Paternity & Maternity Rights
Melehy & Associates relies on its team of expert family law attorneys who can effectively help people wishing to establish their parental rights. We aid fathers and mothers who need their rights to:
  • Get child maintenance
  • Establish contact and visitation rights
Consult with our experienced divorce lawyers or family law attorneys today! Call (301) 587-6364 or email us at inquiries@melehylaw.com.